Web Authoring Resources Presentation
Web Authoring Technique Presentation
Web Theory Presentation

Web Authoring Resource Presentations

When you present your selected authoring resource or website, start by telling us how you found it and why you were looking for this particular kind of resource. Explain how the resource works or is organized, and then show the class how you have used that resource to accomplish a web authoring or design task. Show us specifically what you have learned from using the resource. You may also compare/contrast to other resources (such as those listed on the Resources page).

Web Authoring Techniques Presentations

For this presentation, you will demonstrate a particular technique that uses HTML5 and CSS3 in effective ways within your design, or demonstrate how to achieve a design effect in an image editing program, or show how to use javascript to add features or activity to a site.

Web Theory Presentations

For this presentation, you will provide the class with a theory about web use or design and then explicate how that theory works in practice by drawing on examples. The key element to this presentation will be explaining how the theory supports your work as a web author/designer and how you have or plan to apply it in your work.

Web Design Presentations Schedule

Date Presenters
3/5 Olivia, 7ibs, Sarah, Cameron
3/19 Madeline, Rebecca, Kirsten, Annaleigh, John
3/26 Lisa, Heather, Adam
4/2 Bianca, Christy, Sydney, Lauren, Jeremy, Nathan