ENG 375 + 507: Web Authoring and Design

Project Proposal
For the project proposal, you should plan to develop or redesign a multi-page web site. Your proposal should include the following information: Purpose (why are you doing it?), project description (what will the product look like?), audience (who will read/use it?), technical aspects (what kind of technologies will you employ?), resources needed (what content do you need to develop, create, or collect?), timeline for completion, and examples of similar sites/projects (along with a brief assessment of those sites). Use the linked template below.
Proposal Draft Due 2/12 - bring a copy (or make it available online) for peer review in class. Final Proposal Due 2/19.

Sample Proposal Memos:

Proposal Memo Template

Your final proposals should be named YourLastName-Proposal.docx (but put in your actual last name, not "YourLastName") and emailed to me at by 11:59pm ET on 2/19.

Project Report
The project report should address the design and rhetorical decisions you made as you worked on the project. There are two main sections—the report of your activities and a reflection on what you learned while carrying out those activities. In the first part, you should address each of the five planes of site development as articulated in Garrett's Elements of User Experience. So, you should have headings for The Strategy Plane, The Scope Plane, The Structure Plane, The Skeleton Plane, and The Surface Plane and in each of those sections you should address the relevant tasks and their attendent decisions and requirements. You may opt to reflect on your learning experiences for each plane or for the project overall. I expect that the report will be around 5-7 pages.

Project Presentations will be delivered April 30 and May 7.

You will only have about 7 minutes for your presentation, so you'll want to carefully plan for just that amount of time. There are three main 'moves' I'd like for you to make in this presentation—first, tell us what prompted you to do this particular project (the exigence), next, give us an overview of the kinds of decisions you made and any difficulties you ran into (you should organize this in the same way that you organize the report, using the 5 planes to guide us through your production process), and finally you should show us the project itself. You may show the project as you illustrate the decisions and difficulties rather than waiting to do it afterward if that makes more sense to you. You may develop a (brief!) powerpoint to cover the first two sections, or you may focus just on the project itself.

Project Presentations - Schedule

April 30

Presenters TBA

May 7

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