BA in English, Concentration in Writing and Rhetoric

2011-2012 W+R Course Offerings and Schedule

Program Description

This concentration is designed for students who want to write persuasive discourse in a variety of media and genres. Students may choose from several courses that provide instruction and guided practice in diverse types of prose, including professional and technical writing, web writing, ethnography, editing, and various forms of nonfiction writing. Students in this concentration will be encouraged to pursue opportunities for internship credit in writing and editing.


In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the BA in English, students receiving this concentration must complete 4 courses (12 credits) selected from the following or from special topics courses when so designated by the department.

Students should take ENGH 302 before entering the concentration. Students who plan to take ENGH 382 should do so early in their concentration work and before they take ENGH 486. Senior status and permission of the Department is required for courses 500 and above.

Students in any area of interest should consider taking English 488: Topics in Rhetoric and Writing, and pursuing internship-for-credit opportunities.

ENGH courses that will always satisfy the concentration (old course numbers are in parentheses):
375 — Web Authoring and Design (342)
376 — Rhetoric and New Media (343)
382 — Writing Nonfiction Genres (309)
384 — Writing Ethnography (311)
386 — Editing for Audience, Style and Voice (392)
388 — Professional and Technical Writing (410)
486 — Writing Nonfiction for Publication (489)
488 — Topics in Writing and Rhetoric
459 — Internship (498)
505 — Document Design

On occasion, the W&R advisor may approve a maximum of 3 hours of independent studies courses towards the 12 required hours in the concentration if the coursework is focused on writing in a nonfiction genre. Students should consult with the concentration advisor for approval before signing up for these courses.

PWR Contacts

  • Coordinator, MA concentration in PWR: Douglas Eyman,